Planning and Implementing your RMS Plus Survey

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Setup, customize, and administer your RMS Plus™ Survey


Whether you are administering the College Student Inventory (CSI), Mid-Year Student Assessment (MYSA) or Second-Year Student Assessment (SYSA), the process for implementation is the same. You must start by placing your order.

Once your order is placed, RNL will setup your basic survey administration (or copy your last one) and send you the details (typically about 5 business days).

At this time, you will be ready to customize your survey (if you wish to use the customization features) and then invite your students (see more details below).

Order RMS Plus

Contact RNLPlace your order today for the CSI, MYSA, and SYSA. If you aren’t ready to order, feel free to contact us.

Order or Check Pricing

Prior to survey launch, you need to determine how you will:

Graduate Student and Online Learner Enrollment Management

Customize the Survey

With the RMS Plus™ suite of surveys, you can customize:

  • the grouping fields (subgrouping your students)
  • a small portion of the text that appears on the login page of the survey
  • custom questions that appear at the end of the survey
  •  text that appears on the individual reports (sharing resources specific to your campus)

More information can be found at: Survey Customization Options.

Graduate Student and Online Learner Enrollment Management

Get the Students into the Retention Data Center

With the RMS Plus™ suite of surveys, you can input your students in two ways:
  • by allowing students to enter their information as they log in to the survey- you will simply provide them with the Standard Survey URL created once your survey is setup
  • by uploading a student file – once uploaded, students are assigned a personal URL

You can also use both of these methods. The system allows you to upload your student file at any time (even multiple times).

Graduate Student and Online Learner Enrollment Management

Distribute the Survey

With the RMS Plus™ suite of surveys, you can distribute the surveys almost any way you want. You can:
  • share the Standard URL in an orientation session or classroom setting
  • email the Standard URL locally (we suggest you follow-up to get more completion)
  • distribute the Personal URL using the Retention Data Center email tool
  • distribute the Personal URL locally (via email)
  • post the  Personal URL links on a portal
You can use any combination of these and the survey can be complete on a desktop or mobile device.

Survey Timelines, Implementation Guidelines
and Resource Library

For a bit more information on implementing your survey, take a look at our Implementation Guidelines that are specific to your survey type. They are:

Retention Data Center Overview

Contact RNLThe Retention Data Center is the application you will be using to setup, customize, and implement your survey. It is also where you will access reports and your data once the surveys have been implemented. For a quick refresher on using the Retention Data Center, watch our quick tutorial video or review our one page document. Feel free to review our additional documentation or contact us via email with any questions.

Tutorial Video

More Items to Consider

As you prepare for your survey implementation, you may want to consider these items:

What CSI survey form should you use?

A majority of our clients use the CSI Form B, however, we have a larger population moving towards the CSI Form C with the online and adult population expanding. For more information see our Differences between forms. Also, don’t forget about the MYSA (used in conjunction with the CSI) and the SYSA for your second-year or transfer students.

Who should you invite?

With the CSI, we suggest you invite your entire incoming first-year class. With the MYSA, we suggest you invite all students that are still enrolled and have completed the CSI. With the SYSA, we suggestion you invite your entire second-year or transfer cohort.

How should you prepare your faculty or staff?

We offer strategies and resources for your colleagues to effectively use the RMS surveys at your institution. 

Graduate Learner and Online Enrollment Management engagement

Graduate Student and Online Learner Enrollment Management web and reporting

How should you prepare your students?

Since students are asked to reveal personal information by completing the survey, it is helpful to create a sense of trust by building rapport. This rapport can be accomplished by preparing a few comments that will be directly communicated to students or emailed to students. A few simple tips are:

  • Provide an introduction to the purpose and goals of the inventory.
  • Remind students that it is important to read all instructions in the CSI carefully.
  • Emphasize the value of this inventory for students to “get started right” in their college experience, and remind them how they can receive their results.
  • Be clear on the expectation to complete the CSI and inform students of the timeline within which they can do so.

Additional RMS Resources

All RMS activity is done within the Retention Data Center. You will find resources within this page to help you navigate the Retention Data Center and pull individual student reports and summary reports.

Retention Data Center Documentation

After your students have completed the survey, you are ready to review your results.  Utilize our resources to help you best understand and maximize your results.

Review Your Results

To get the highest return on your investment, you must use your data in multiple ways. The resources on this page are a great way to share, present, and take action on your data with others on campus.

Share Your Results