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Extend your recruitment reach and
boost student retention immediately

Traditional student enrollment is flattening. Nearly 1 in 3 college freshmen do not return for their second year. How can institutions take action to keep reaching their enrollment goals and helping more students persist?

For 45 years, RNL has been a pioneer in enrollment and student success. Now it has launched new services to enroll nontraditional and international students as well as increase student retention immediately.

RNL Adult, Online, and Graduate Enrollment Solutions

Adult Online and Graduate Enrollment

Drive enrollment with precise personalization and multichannel marketing that resonates with these growing populations by:

  • Generating more qualified leads through digital lead generation and high-touch engagement
  • Creating responsive engagement through student attitudinal data and behavioral modeling
  • Deploying multichannel marketing across every channel students use

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RNL International Student Recruitment

Engage international students through data-driven insights and culturally intelligent, personalized multichannel communication that:

  • Amplifies student engagement with personalized outreach
  • Delivers culturally relavant messages, including multilingual phone outreach in their time zone
  • Informs your digital strategy through advanced analytics

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International Student Recruitment

Re-Enrollment for Student Success

RNL Re-Enrollment for Student Success

Boost enrollment and retention by re-engaging “lost” students who have not registered for classes or who have withdrawn.

  • Connect with students across multiple channels including the phone
  • Provide personalized outreach as early as the next day to students
  • Increase retention rates as you rescue more students from withdrawing.

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