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Drive traffic to your college website through
best practices for search engine optimization (SEO)

When you search for something online, how many pages of search results are you willing to examine? The first? Two pages at most?

Prospective students examining your college website are no different. When they search, they want to see immediate results. If your SEO strategies don’t land you at or near the top of search engine rankings, you’re going to lose valuable clicks and even more valuable potential students.

Increase website traffic and analyze SEO from your competitors
with higher education SEO consulting

Search engine optimization maximizes the likelihood that the valuable content on your website will be seen by prospective students searching for that information. Through our higher education SEO consulting, you will learn the best strategies for helping you:

  • Improve the overall search engine ranking position of your college website.
  • Analyze the SEO of your top competitors.
  • Increase search engine ranking positions for specific academic program pages.
  • Identify the most popular keywords and phrases that are aligned with your enrollment and academic program goals.
  • Write compelling website copy that appeals to search engines and prospective students.
  • Ensure that you are using the most effective, up-to-date SEO practices.

Free Consultation

Talk with our experts about how you can align your SEO with your enrollment goals, so that your institution and programs rank higher than your competition and engage more students. We can analyze the most influential search engine parameters and make recommendations for strengthening your search engine ranking position.

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