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Adapt your academic program portfolio
to a changing educational marketplace

In the past, many institutions added new academic programs based on an instinctive understanding of the marketplace and on the teaching and research interests of their faculty. Given the high costs of launching programs today—faculty, facilities, resources, marketing—that approach to curriculum development is no longer viable.

To be successful in today’s competitive educational market, your campus must offer programs that stand out from those offered by your competitors, appeal to a sufficient number of students to make the program viable, and have strong outcomes such as employment or graduate school placement.

An Academic Program Demand Analysis from Ruffalo Noel Levitz assesses the market share of your current academic offerings and ranks your existing programs based on current levels of demand for similar programs. With the information from this analysis, you can:

Determine which of your current program offerings have the greatest growth potential

Evaluate whether the new programs your campus is considering are likely to meet your new student objectives

Identify competitors for your current programs as well as likely competitors for new proposed programs

Receive a comprehensive analysis of the market potential for your programs

The Academic Program Demand Analysis provides two levels of research that give you a complete picture of your program offerings:

  1. Primary market research on prospective students to measure their interest in specific areas of study.
  2. Secondary market research on market share, occupational trends, and other key indicators of program demand

This unique, thorough research approach gives you a roadmap for establishing the most competitive mix of academic programs.

Get side-by-side guidance from an experienced consultant

Throughout the process, your Ruffalo Noel Levitz consultant works with you to guide the research, interpret the findings and recommend strategies that will help you maximize the academic appeal of your campus. Every step of the way, you’ll understand the importance of the data and how you can act on it.


Guide your decisions with solid research and data. Ask for a free consultation with our market research experts.

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