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What is the right price position for your institution?

Students often list “cost” as one of their top factors in deciding to enroll.
But cost is not the real issue—it’s value. Do prospective students believe that
an education from your institution is worth what you are charging?

The Price Sensitivity Analysis gives you a research-based method to answer that question. It analyzes your competition, the market, and student perceptions. With this analysis, you can learn:

  • What is the optimal tuition level for your market?
  • Where do your competitors rank in terms of market share and quality relative to price?
  • How would changes to tuition and financial aid impact enrollment?
  • How do students perceive the value of an education from your campus and from your leading competitors?

Uncover key data about competing institutions and prospective students

The Price Sensitivity Analysis uses a two-step process to assess value perceptions accurately:

1. Competition analysis

First we identify the institutions to which you are losing students. This reveals the market share and quality position of your competition.

2. Price sensitivity survey

Armed with the market position data, we then design a customized telephone survey for your prospective students and/or their parents. With this data, you can develop an effective pricing strategy for your institution based on market research.

Fresno Pacific University

“We have really valued the clear, thorough analysis and presentation of the data provided to us. Being able to test, adapt, and apply new strategies has allowed us to garner the best results.”

Dr. Stephen Varvis, Vice President for Enrollment Management, Fresno Pacific University (California)


How can a Price Sensitivity Analysis help you address enrollment and revenue challenges?
Ask for a free consultation with our experts.

Spring Arbor University

“We received more than adequate proof that if we wanted to continue to see strong conversion from the student profile that we have, we needed to continue to have strong scholarship programs. It was worth the money to know that we are headed down the right road.”

Matthew Osborne, Vice President for Enrollment Services, Spring Arbor University (Michigan)

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