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More than 40 survey items, plus custom questions

The Alumni Outcomes and Loyalty Survey offers a thorough array of questions in five areas that cover many facets of alumni loyalty:


Alumni rate the degree to which specific skills were enhanced by their college education, including:

  • Communication skills
  • Math, science, and technology skills
  • Reading skills
  • Skills that demonstrate tolerance and understanding

Alumni rate their satisfaction with their career preparedness, including their preparation for jobs, occupations, and well-regarded graduate programs. Respondents also rate their satisfaction with their professors, advising, tuition, student services, and institutional financial aid.

Alumni rate their interest in alumni events, mentoring students, developing internship opportunities, and other areas. Respondents also share their preferences for specific modes of communication, including social media.

Alumni rate how connected they feel to professors and staff, the institution as a whole, and to their classmates. Alumni also rate the factors that are of greatest importance to them for deciding whether or not to make monetary gifts to the institution.

Alumni share their:

  • Salaries
  • Occupations
  • Level of job responsiblity
  • Pursuit of further education
  • Current contact information

Add up to 10 custom items

You can add custom survey items to several sections of the Alumni Outcomes and Loyalty Survey, up to 10 additional questions in all. This allows you to investigate issues specific to your campus.

Reliable and confidential

Designed by market research personnel with years of campus research experience, The Alumni Outcomes and Loyalty Survey provides sound, reliable results. It’s also completely confidential, letting your graduates respond candidly and honestly.

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