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Create a fully customized, totally engaging
online campus visit experience

Campus visits provide a level of interaction and engagement no other recruitment activity can match. But what can colleges and universities do when campuses are closed or students can’t physically come to campus?

Remote Campus Visit Powered by RNL+Render provides a dynamic experience that is as close to on-campus visit as you can get from an online experience.

  • Expert guidance from the leaders in campus visits. RNL+Render experts meet with your campus for three days of strategic exploration to create an online campus visit experience that will maximize the engagement of students and families.
  • A fully customized experience that shows your campus the way it should be. This is not a canned virtual tour that boxes visitors into a rigid experience. RNL Remote Campus Visit shows your campus in a way that feels vibrant and alive, the way a campus visit should.
  • Immersive technology that makes you feel like you are there. Powered by Campus 360, RNL Remote Campus Visit will transport visitors into a rich online experience that showcases the locations and highlights of your campus as if visitors were standing right in front of them.

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Remote Campus Visit is web-based and ready to use on any computer or mobile device.


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Creating a customized remote campus visit through 3 days of collaboration and research
(conducted through virtual meetings/presentations)

DAY 1: Leadership and Ambassadors

  • Discuss enrollment goals, priorities, and relevant data and information with campus visit leadership.
  • Meet with campus ambassadors to get insights into previous campus visits (successes, challenges, etc.).

Day 2: Meet with admissions and leadership

DAY 2: Admissions and Leadership

  • Talk with the admission counseling team about what’s shared in the information session and questions families have.
  • Meet with campus visit leadership again to discuss translating physical tour into remote experience.

Day 3: Debrief and Summary

DAY 3: Debrief and Summary

  • Debrief campus visit leadership with suggestions on locations to highlight, stories to tell, and more.
  • Deliver one-page executive summary after the debriefing with the campus visit leadership team.

Why RNL+Render is the leader in crafting compelling campus visit experiences


13 years of experience optimizing campus visits

Campus clients

Partnered with more than 250 campus clients

Campus tour

2,200 campus tours taken at colleges and universities

Guide trainng

Trained more than 10,000 tour guides

Remote Campus Visit uses the Campus 360 platform

Campus 360 is a neutral platform that allows college, universities, and high schools to share their campus tours with the world. The platform brings your campus to life with vibrant photography, stories, and interactions that allows Remote Campus Visit to mimic the in-person event.

Your RNL team member will work with your campus to gather all of the content necessary to create a customized, engaging visit experience for students and families…no matter where they are.

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