RNL Advanced FinAid Solutions™

Balance enrollment, affordability, and net revenue with financial aid leveraging
RNL Advanced FinAid Solutions provide the sophistication, analytics, and insight needed for financial aid leveraging in today's higher education market.

Financial aid leveraging requires a strategic balance. Institutions need to align enrollment goals, student need, and institutional finances in order to optimize yield and net revenue.

RNL Advanced FinAid Solutions provide the sophistication, analytics, and insight needed for financial aid leveraging in today's higher education market.

Use advanced modeling to achieve 4 key financial aid leveraging objectives

  • Balance affordability and resources by aligning awarding with the amount students need and are willing to pay to enroll.
  • Develop a strategic financial aid plan that addresses enrollment goals for new and returning students.
  • Optimize the distribution of financial aid to serve more students who need aid to enroll.
  • Maximize net tuition revenue to maintain and improve the quality of academic programs and campus services.

Choose a partner with vast experience in financial aid leveraging

When you work with Ruffalo Noel Levitz, you gain a partner who collaborates with you at every stage of the financial aid management process. You remain informed, involved, and in control.

With more than two decades of financial aid research and consulting experience, we give you access to an expert team who offers an unparalleled combination of experience with financial aid, enrollment management, statistical modeling, and financial aid technologies.

6 ways we deliver the optimal financial aid strategy for your institution

1) Historical analysis of student enrollment behavior
Investigates undergraduate student enrollment behavior by analyzing their needs, academic credentials, population segments, and financial aid offers.

2) Student retention analysis
Determines the role financial aid plays in student retention and completion.

3) Econometric modeling
Predicts the effect of incremental changes in net price on student yield, allowing you to simulate changes before developing aid awards.

4) Revenue optimization and simulation
Enhances your ability to balance and maximize enrollment, academic profile, and discount rate across multiple scenarios to develop optimal awarding parameters.

5) Annual plan development
Delivers a strategic financial plan that has been fully informed by comprehensive analysis, modeling, and your enrollment goals.

6) Four-Year Enrollment & Net Revenue Projection Model™
Projects enrollment and net revenue for your current undergraduate student population for four years, adding a new entering class while also accounting for attrition and graduation.

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