RNL Student Journey

Transforming enrollment marketing through student-driven engagement

RNL Student Journey is the future of enrollment marketing. This trailblazing approach creates a self-directed exploration during the college search process that is more relevant, timely, and compelling to students and parents.

The RNL Student Journey solutions

RNL Student Journey is a family of solutions that enable institutions to target students for specific programs or from specific markets, and engage them through a self-directed, personalized enrollment journey.

  • RNL Academic Program Student Journey—Engage and enroll students in specific majors that you are trying to grow.
  • RNL New Market Student Journey—Identify students in new markets who are more inclined to enroll at your institution.
  • RNL First-Generation Student Journey—Guide first-generation students toward enrollment with customized outreach for them and their parents.

An enrollment solution unlike anything else in higher education

Powered by marketing automation, the RNL Student Journey solutions follow the natural flow of a relationship, using dynamic responsive messaging and engagement scoring to deepen the bonds between prospective students and your institution.

  • EMPOWER students to discover their path to enrollment, finding the information they need whenever they need it
  • ENGAGE students by providing an authentic experience into their world—personalized, online, and social
  • TARGET students who fit your enrollment goals, based on RNL research and advanced analytics

RNL Student Journey empowers students to discover their path to enrollment

The RNL Student Journey solutions do not consist of staged events or steps; rather they empower students to explore and find the right information they need quickly so they can make an informed application and enrollment decision.


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How RNL Student Journey is already benefiting campuses

in a specific academic program for one partner campus

for one partner campus during a single campaign

provides a unique, personalized path to academic self-discovery


Case study: Nearly a 20% enrollment increase in a specific major for Austin College

Austin College enrollment marketing case study"RNL Academic Program Student Journey was a great fit. It allowed us to be highly targeted toward a population that is strong academically and persists at Austin College well.."
Nan Davis, Vice President for Institutional Enrollment

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7 powerful components provide a comprehensive approach to student-driven enrollment exploration

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Real-time engagement scoring powered by student choices identifies which students are ready for immediate outreach. Behavioral Engagement Scoring       Unique to RNL Student Journey this multifaceted hub allows students to discover key information on their terms, increasing the relevance and impact of that information. Interactive Exploration Hub for Students
Marketing automation and dynamic content provide a highly intelligent, personalized communication at every stage of the journey. Individualized Insight and Personalization Parents have their own interactive exploratory hub and tailored communications that make them enrollment advocates for their children Parental Engagement
Students receive communication across every channel: digital, social media, email, print, and text. Integrated Outreach Student choices an engagement scoring trigger responsive communications that connect students to the most appropriate information, campus personnel, and actions. Responsive Engagement Streams
Interactive, self-directed quizzes help students understand what they want to study and connect that desire to your academic program offerings. "Fit Finder" Quizzes


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See how RNL Student Journey can
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Why It's Time to Throw Away Your Communication Plan

Why It's Time to Throw Away Your Communication PlanRead our white paper on the transformation in enrollment marketing

Explore how changes in technology, communication, and student behavior have shifted the enrollment marketing paradigm from an institution-led activity to a student-driven experience.



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First-Generation College Students

First-Generation College Student strategies

Learn what you need to know to recruit this growing student population

Find out the facts about first-generation college students and discover strategies for engaging them, guiding them through the college process, and enrolling them.


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