Silos Are Everywhere in Higher Education

Linda HoopesVice President, University PartnershipsSeptember 9, 2021
Linda Hoopes: Silos in Higher Education
I’m from Iowa, but silos are everywhere, even in higher education

I am from Iowa, so I am used to seeing actual silos at the many farms that dot the landscape—the towers that store grain. But there are silos of a different kind everywhere, in every industry and organization, including higher education. These campus silos follow another meaning of the verb silo, “to isolate from others.”

When speaking with various members of campus leadership over the years we often hear that colleagues tend to have a silo mentality. Sharing of relevant information or ideas with colleagues simply doesn’t occur, and when asked why not, too often the answers are vague or non-existent.

Silo mentality not only reduces efficiency but at its worst contributes to reduced morale and this type of isolated culture. And now more than ever during during the ongoing pandemic issues, transparency and cooperation are key. At RNL, one way we assist institutions to tear down silos is through a Campus Opportunity Analysis. The Analysis looks at operations, structure, communication, strategies, and processes that drive student enrollment and retention. Through this deep dive, RNL helps to identify issues that impede a campus moving towards achieving common goals.

Through relevant campus focus group conversations, starting with campus leadership, RNL is able to recognize the interconnections of departments, goals, and objectives and provide feedback to move forward in a collaborative approach to ultimately accomplish common enrollment goals.

Breaking down silos and communicating with transparently on relevant issues to the campus community is not an easy task, however. RNL’s Campus Opportunity Analysis can help provide insight in to how to overcome obstacles, break down internal silos, reach your enrollment and retention goals, and show how rowing in the same direction collectively is the way to move forward.

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