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See how you can optimize awarding and net revenue with RNL Financial Aid Services


RNL Financial Aid Solutions provide the analytics and insight needed for successful awarding strategies in today’s higher education market. Join support your ability to:

  • Balance affordability and resources by calculating the aid packages needed to enroll specific populations of students.
  • Develop a strategic financial aid plan that addresses enrollment goals and optimizes financial aid awards.
  • Maximize net tuition revenue to maintain and improve the quality of academic programs and campus services.

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Financial Aid Services Demo: Close-up pictures of desks, accountants with tablet computers and many documents on the table.

About the presenter

Adam Connolly
Senior Vice President, RNL

Adam has over 20 years of experience in higher education. He served as vice president of enrollment management and marketing at Coker University prior to transitioning to Ruffalo Noel Levitz. At Coker, Adam led an enrollment division that helped the university achieve record enrollment numbers three different times during his tenure. He currently serves as senior vice president at RNL, where he has consulted and collaborated with numerous institutions on enrollment, fundraising, and strategic revenue planning. Adam’s area of experience lies in collaborating with presidents, senior leaders, and boards to create sustainable enrollment and fundraising models for long-term viability.