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UMKC sparks enrollment inquiries using live chat

UMKC Logo“We were ready to engage students as quickly as possible, but the level of engagement we have since our first chat experience through our website was unexpected. We aren’t just communicating with students through webcasting and chat … We are building relationships with them.”

—Alice Arredondo, Director of Admissions

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UMKC chatUMKC took a forward-thinking approach to yield immediate results for their 2019 class and to build a plan for 2020. For quick impact, the team collaborated with RNL to support demand generation and cultivation activities, investing in lists of undecided seniors late in the enrollment process in one final attempt to connect with as many interested students as possible.

Partnering with Conduit by PlatformQ Education, UMKC used the company’s campus connect chat widget (embedded directly onto their admissions webpage) to qualify new inquiries from their prospect pool. Leveraging their new list of prospective students, the admissions staff hosted a live informational chat directly on UMKC.edu, aiming to convert new inquiries by having students sign up to chat directly on their website. Current students shared their stories on the chat, while admissions officers fielded questions from prospective students or their parents about the admissions process. UMKC considered it a great success.


UMKC inquiries   40 new inquiries identified during the four-hour web chat.

UMKC visitors and page activities  800 unique visitors, more than 1,100 chat activities, and 1,400 page activities.

UMKC admitted students  100% of admitted students who participated in the chat enrolled.

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