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Sustainable Fundraising White Paper Cover

Read our fundraising paper to learn 8 key strategies for succeeding in a changing philanthropic environment

Fundraising is at a crossroads. In 2022, American giving posted only the third decline in the last 40 years. Donors are giving differently and thinking about their charitable investments in a more strategic way. And fundraisers themselves are experiencing unprecedented turnover of staff, disrupting their outreach and operations. What can your institution do to succeed in this rapidly changing philanthropic environment?

Read this fundraising white paper to learn about eight key strategies that can help you build a robust donor pipeline. You’ll find strategies on:

  1. Shifting the conversation to include short-, mid-, and long-term fundraising ROI.
  2. Harnessing the power of omnichannel donor engagement.
  3. Embracing giving days and cause-driven crowdfunding.
  4. Tapping into the energy of Millennial and Gen Z cause adoption.
  5. Using AI and data-driven strategy to improve the donor experience.
  6. Maximizing leadership giving.
  7. Adjusting to the emerging trends in giving.
  8. Changing the business model of advancement.

This paper contains research-based recommendations as well as key strategies and tactics based on RNL’s work with hundreds of colleges, universities, and philanthropic organizations.

Sustainable Fundraising white paper: Chart showing $10,000 leadership gifts come after 10+ years and nearly 12 gifts made on average.

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