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Personalizing Donor Engagement with Artificial Intelligence-Driven Platforms

Fundraising Voices podcast

This Fundraising Voices podcast dives into how artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are revolutionizing the way colleges and universities engage donors. Brian Gawor talks with Josh Robertson of RNL about the importance of using personalization to communicate with your donors and drive them to action, including:

  • Why personalization is important for engaging the 21st century donor.
  • How AI and new, easy to use platforms can transform your communications.
  • How to get started with turnkey solutions like RNL QuadWrangle and harness the power of this technology immediately.

Find out more about RNL QuadWrangle.

Our guest: Josh Robertson, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, RNL

Joshua Robertson joined RNL in 1997 as a student fundraiser at The University of Georgia and has since risen to become the chief architect of our donor and student engagement solutions. Josh works daily with hundreds of institutions to transform their donor engagement with new and emerging technology and data-driven strategy.