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2024 RNL National Alumni Survey


2024 RNL National Alumni Survey

Read the National Alumni Survey to learn insights from more than 20,000 alumni on giving preferences and connection

Higher education is headed toward a donor cliff created by generational shifts in student enrollment and alumni engagement. While giving to higher education in total dollars remains strong, there has been a 30 percent decline in alumni donor counts. What can institutions do to engage their alumni and tap into their philanthropic spirit?

RNL worked with college and university partners to study this challenge, inviting alumni to share direct feedback about their philanthropic priorities, satisfaction with their alma maters, and what impacts their giving. This National Alumni Survey analyzes their connection to their alma maters, their giving behaviors, and the factors that impact whether they will give back.

Read this survey to learn a wealth of insights, including:

  • 68 percent of alumni report making charitable gifts to any nonprofit, but only 20 percent rank their alma mater as a top giving priority.
  • Alumni who are satisfied with their college experience are 4x more likely to give to their alma mater, and those who feel a sense of connection are 23x more likely to give. Yet more than half of recent graduates today feel disconnected from their institutions.
  • Giving and alumni participation vary dramatically by generation, with the oldest generation of alumni contributing two-thirds of alumni dollars.
  • The burden of student loan debt influences giving, and that burden and its impact on whether alumni will give shifts by race, gender, and generation.
  • Recent undergraduates are more likely to support institutions if they can give to specific campus areas or causes.

2024 National Alumni Survey: Connection and satisfaction of alumni by race and gender.

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