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Increasing Alumni Participation Through Omnichannel Engagement

Louisiana Tech University

Louisiana Tech University

“The engaging omnichannel program included a mix of traditional and nontraditional channels, which helped us engage our alumni and exceed donor and dollar goals. We achieved the highest number of donors in Louisiana Tech history and have built a strong foundation for the future.”
Brooks Hull, Vice President, University Advancement

Like most colleges and universities, Louisiana Tech saw a decline in alumni donor participation earlier in the decade. The good news is that’s the past—participation and giving are on the rise. For Louisiana Tech, its innovative fundraising strategies coupled with embracing new ways to connect with alumni donors has yielded tremendous success for fundraising.

Louisiana Tech FY19 ResultsIn partnership with RNL, Louisiana Tech’s Division of University Advancement—including the Louisiana Tech Foundation, Alumni Association, and the Louisiana Tech Athletic Club—targeted alumni and donors in the communications channels they use every day, to reach them with compelling creative and messaging, including digital advertising, retargeted ads using the Google Ad Network, crowdfunding, text messaging, email, phone, direct mail, and a Giving Day campaign that was promoted with Facebook posts and live videos, a specially-designed Giving Day logo, emails, and postcard mailings. The results speak for themselves.

In the past four fiscal years, Louisiana Tech has seen:

  • An 80 percent increase in donors
  • A 75 percent increase in alumni donors
  • A 6 percent increase in alumni participation, bucking a nationwide 20-year decline in alumni participation

Embracing innovative techniques to drive alumni participation and giving in FY 19

Louisiana Tech digital advertising

Louisiana Tech digital advertising

Most recently, Louisiana Tech continued its success this past yearThe university embraced digital advertising, retargeting, a Giving Day, and other innovative techniques to engage more donors, with impressive results in FY 2019.

  • A 28 percent increase in donors, with a record donor count of more than 10,000
  • A 77 percent increase in annual contributions
  • A Forever Loyal Capital Campaign that is pacing ahead of expectations, having already achieved 90% of its $125 million fundraising goal

A million-dollar Giving Day

Louisiana Tech Giving Day

Louisiana Tech also held its first-ever Giving Day in May 2019. Hosting the event on the RNL Giving Day Powered by ScaleFunder platform, the university was able to coordinate digital communication, social media, ambassador efforts, and results tracking from one centralized platform—delivering a Giving Day that really motivated
its constituents.

Download the case study and learn more about the solution Louisiana Tech used

Louisiana Tech Case StudyDownload this case studyDownload the Louisiana Tech University case study

Louisiana Tech achieved its impressive results in part through RNL Synergy, an advanced, omnichannel solution that maximizes donor engagement and giving.

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