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Growing Online and Graduate Enrollment: A New Alternative


Growing Online and Graduate Enrollment

Read about a new approach to online and graduate enrollment management that provides an alternative to OPMs

As enrollment of traditional college students stagnates and more students take college courses online, campuses have looked for ways to manage online education. Many have turned to online program management (OPM) providers to get courses online quickly and at scale. But OPMs have steep costs and significant drawbacks that will not work for many colleges and universities.

Read this online and graduate enrollment white paper to explore a new alternative from RNL, one that puts the institution first and avoids the difficulties of OPMs. This paper explores the pros and cons of OPMs, discusses the need to manage online and graduate enrollment more strategically, and presents RNL’s new approach to managing online and graduate enrollment that:

  • Maximizes enrollment in existing online and graduate programs
  • Optimizes the mix of programs for an institution
  • Provides guidance and support for launching new programs
  • Gives institutions more control and financial flexibility
  • Supports the institutional brand and mission

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