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Crowdfunding and Giving Day Index 2019


2019 Crowdfunding and Giving Day Index

Explore benchmarks for charitable digital giving campaigns in the Crowdfunding Index

The Crowdfunding and Giving Day Index presents insights and results from 6,116 charitable crowdfunding projects totaling more than $105 million in giving.

Charitable crowdfunding has become the premier peer-to-peer online giving opportunity. In a 2019 RNL survey of higher education giving leaders, over half of fundraisers reported that they conducted some form of crowdfunding in the past year. This crowdfunding index dives into how colleges and universities are using crowdfunding to engage donors and generate giving. The report includes key results and benchmarks such as:

  • The types of campaigns institutions run, their average results by type, and the average duration
  • Metrics for first-year results for campuses running their first crowdfunding campaigns
  • The most popular terms used in naming crowdfunding campaigns
  • The impact of custom giving pages for evergreen giving
  • 8 best practices based on these results

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