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2024 Online Student Recruitment Report Executive Summary


2024 Online Student Recruitment Executive Summary

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Discover 5 interconnected strategies for online student recruitment and enrollment from RNL’s full report

How can you strengthen your recruitment of online students? As millions of students continue to choose fully online or partially online study, engaging and enrolling online students is becoming increasingly important. In order to do that, you have a more strategic approach to recruitment that positions your programs as competitively as possible.

Find out how you can take a more strategic approach by reading this Executive Summary of the 2024 Online Student Recruitment Report. You’ll see results from RNL’s survey of 1,500 online students and read five interconnected strategies for online growth:

  1. Investing in the recruitment process
  2. Positioning  your programs to address aspirations and concerns
  3. Strengthening marketing strategies with search engine optimization
  4. Creating programs and courses that students want
  5. Adding artificial intelligence to align with student expectations

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The comprehensive 52-page report contains more than 50 findings as well as insights from RNL’s online enrollment experts. You can receive the full report and discuss those findings by requesting a complimentary walkthrough of the research. Simply check the box above when you complete this form and we will set up your consultation and provide you with the full report when we meet.