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2022 High School Counselor Report


2022 High School Counselors Report

Read our high school counselor report to learn how you can engage counselors as recruitment allies

High school counselors play a vital role in helping students prepare for attending college. They are the link between students and families and institutions, providing counseling, information, and motivation to help students make it through their enrollment journeys. Along the way, they have to help students cope with a wide variety of challenges: academic, financial, educational, emotional, social, and more.

RNL and High School Counselor Marketing surveyed more than 1,200 high school counselors about their insights into working with campuses and the challenges students and families face with the college search process. Read the 2022 High School Counselor Report report to learn:

  • Which resources high school counselors find the most effective.
  • The information high school counselors need to inform students and families.
  • Their assessment of college websites, college fairs, and other resources.
  • Comments about test-optional policies, characteristics of a good college representative, and more.

2022 High School Counselors Report: Website pages counselors visit

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