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2021 University Family Survey


2021 University Family Survey

Learn how the pandemic affected the families of current college student

The COVID pandemic created an unprecedented crisis for students and their families. Parents saw most of their college-enrolled children switch to hybrid or fully online learning. Student and family engagement became almost exclusively electronic and online. And the economic fallout of the pandemic impacted the ability of students and families to afford college. Furthermore, even as the pandemic recedes, the impact of these changes in 2020-21 will likely reverberate for years.

To gauge the impact of these changes on families, RNL and CampusESP surveyed more than 36,000 parents of college students in spring 2021. Read this research report to learn what parents said about:

  • Their overall satisfaction with the student experience this past year
  • Their evaluation and preferences for communicating with campuses
  • How difficult financing college will be and how much they expect to borrow
  • Their satisfaction with virtual events

2021 University Family Survey: Communication channels

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