2018 Discounting Reports

Benchmarks for tuition discounting rates, net revenue, yield rate, and more for private and public institutions

How does your tuition discounting compare to your peers?

For nearly all colleges and universities, tuition discounting is imperative in today's competitive environment. But how much do you discount compared to your peers?

The 2018 Discounting Reports provide benchmark data that allow you to compare your campus to peer institutions from around the country. The reports highlight current outcomes as well as trend data for:

  • Tuition discounting rates
  • Net revenue
  • Yield and melt rates
  • FAFSA filing rates
  • Expected Family Contribution, family income, and student need

See results for first-time-in-college undergraduates and transfer students

The reports includes tuition discounting and net revenue benchmarks for traditional college freshmen as well as transfer students. The public version also includes breakdowns for in-state vs. out-of-state students.

Assess the impact of your tuition discounting on your enrollment goals

Both private and public institutions face tremendous challenges with tuition discounting. Private institutions are under increasing pressure to discount in the face of rising college costs. Public institutions face a similar issue while also having to maintain access to higher education for their constituents.

These reports provide insightful benchmarks for assessing your discounting and how it compares to other colleges and universities. You can use the data as a starting point for examining your discounting strategies and how they align with your enrollment goals.

Benchmark yield and melt rates

New for this year's study, the reports have results for melt rate—students who deposited but did not enroll—as well as yield rates for both first-year students and transfer students. This new metric provides an important benchmark for institutions looking to maximize their enrollment and revenue from their admitted students.

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2018 Tuition Discount Report for Private InstitutionsPRIVATE COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES

This report contains benchmark data from nearly 220 institutions serving 126,000 enrolled students. It features 10-year trend benchmarks for tuition discounting and net revenue, along with breakdowns by institution type and region.

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2018 Tuition Discounting Report for Public InstitutionsPUBLIC COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES

This report contains benchmark data from public institutions serving 144,000 enrolled students. The report breaks down tuition discounting, net revenue, yield rates, and more for in-state and out-of-state students.

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