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2018 Marketing and Recruitment Practices2018 Marketing and Student Recruitment Practices Report

What do colleges and universities report as their most effective marketing and recruitment strategies? Download this in-depth benchmark report to compare your approach to other campuses and discover additional opportunities to boost your results and efficiency.

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2018 Perceptions of Financial Aid Report2018 Report: High School Seniors Perceptions of College Financing

How can you address the financial concerns of prospective students and engage them more closely during the financial aid process? Read our latest study of high school students to discover their perceptions on financing college, the financial aid process, borrowing, and more.

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2018 Adancement Leaders Speak Major and Planned GivingAdvancement Leaders Speak 2018: Major Giving and Planned Giving Productivity Issues

Download this report for an in-depth look at the productivity concerns of today's leaders in major and planned giving, offering fresh insights into the challenges gift officers are facing.

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2018 National Student Satisfaction and Priorities Report2018 National Student Satisfaction and Priorities Report

How satisfied are today's college students? Read this national study of more than 600,000 students at nearly 900 colleges and universities to find out. The report also looks at the data by ethnicity, gender, adult and online learners, graduate students, and more.


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