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Make authentic dialogue and conversation central to your communication strategy

Connect in a live, nationwide Phonecast event that is a more comprehensive, far-reaching, and engaging experience.

Phonecasts connect thousands with a featured speaker or panel in a live, interactive event. By combining the best features of conference calls (online streaming is an option), talk-radio, and fireside chats, Phonecasts deliver a genuine experience of dialogue and participation, adding value and relevance to:

  1. alumni cultivation and stewardship efforts; and/or
  2. prospective student qualification, conversion, and yield efforts.

With more reach, impact, and interactivity than other communication tactics, Phonecasts are highly effective for deepening engagement, generating goodwill, and cultivating responsiveness in communication.

Phonecast events run simultaneously on the phone and online, to double opportunities for engaging your audience. Our Social-Sharing further extends your engagement-multiplier with real-time posting of clips to a Facebook or Twitter feed, extending content and access.

Phonecasts reach more people in less time with more effectiveness than any other communication or engagement tool on the market.


Contact RNL and Phonecast to learn how to more effectively reach more people in less time.