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South University annual administration of the Adult Student Priorities Survey and the Priorities Survey for Online Learner will take place from April 18th to May 8th.

For your survey implementation, we suggest you take a look at the SPS Admin tutorial video (found on the right). You can disregard the details about uploading your file and updating your customization (these items were already complete). Once complete, take a look at the suggestions noted below.


The following items have been completed within your survey administration page:

Survey Administration Page

1. Recipient file containing email address, first name, last name, student ID, and SYSid will be loaded.

2. Survey Customization has been updated to be consistent across all South University campuses.

  • Campus Defined Items: 10 positive statements (20 for ASPS) rated on importance and satisfaction.
  • Campus Defined Demographic Questions: Two multiple choice questions.
  • Programs/Majors (we strongly recommend using): a list of programs/majors you offer on your campus.

The following items should be completed by you:

  • Review your list of majors: please take a few minutes to double check your list of majors is inclusive of all the majors you offer on your campus.
  • Optional Email message(s) including your send dates, subject line and sender, as well as the body of email, to be entered into your survey administration page (unless you are not sending email messages from our system). Email templates and a video tutorial walking your through the setup process can be found below. If sending emails, feel free to send our Whitelisting documentation to your IT department to ensure your emails are delivered.
    • Note, an email invitation will automatically be sent on 4/18/2022 from the SPS administration page. This message was provided by Patrice and will be used for all campuses.
  • Formulate a multi-touch plan. Research indicates that people need up to seven touches (or exposures to an idea) to take action. We have found that local campus outreach in addition to the email invitation is crucial in your completion rates. Review our information on strong response rates found below.

Note about incentives. If you offer an incentive, upon close of your survey administration, you can login to your admin page (select “Closed” at the top) and go to the Audience section within your portal. Here you can Export Recipients and see who has completed the survey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your most common questions can be found within our FAQ document.

Help Desk

If you have any issues or concerns with your survey administration, please contact us via email at StudentSuccessTech@Ruffalonl.com. If a student is having difficulty accessing the survey, please send their name, ID, and SYSid.

Email Messages

Sample email text can be found at the link provided. Be sure to avoid SPAM and leave the merge fields. Our video tutorial will walk you through the setup process.

Multi-Touch Plan

Ensuring that your completion rates are as high as possible requires some planning. To help you brainstorm, we’ve compiled a list of our best practices.

Posters and Flyers

A few of our colleagues have allowed us to share the posters and flyers used on their campus to promote the SPS surveys. Take a look for some inspiration.

Twitter Messages

No social media outlet should be left unturned to promote the survey. Check out our sample twitter messages.

Mark your calendar for these future dates

May 31: Reports delivered by not later than this date

June 14th @2:00 PM EDT: Post-Administration Webinar