RMS Plus Retention Data Center Documentation

All your RMS Plus Survey data is found in the Retention Data Center. The resources below are designed to help you utilize the Data Center to achieve your goals.

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Retention Data Center Tutorial Video
Retention Data Center Tutorial Video

Must Have Resources

This same information is found in the Users Guide, but is great to share with advisors or others who will only be viewing reports and data.


Helpful References and Additional Information

Access to the Retention Data Center

  • How to create RNL user logins Page 4

Preparing your administration Best Practices

  • Survey Customization Page 9
  • Grouping Student Records Page 10
  • Assigning security for campus colleagues Page 19
  • Custom Questions – Adding Page 11
  • Student Report Sample Narrative Text – CSI / SYSA

Inviting students to take the survey Best Practices

Reviewing results Best Practices

Additional RMS Resources

Whether you are surveying for the first time or the 10th time, this page provides all the information you need for successfully surveying your students.

Implement Your Survey

After your students have completed the survey, you are ready to review your results.  Utilize our resources to help you best understand and maximize your results.

Review Your Results

To get the highest return on your investment, you must use your data in multiple ways. The resources on this page are a great way to share, present, and take action on your data with others on campus.

Share Your Results