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Engage current and prospective students with personalized videos
you can create from anywhere

For college students, their phones are their lifelines. For you, their phone is the gateway to keeping them engaged and excited about attending your institution. Now RNL gives you a powerful way to produce personalized outreach to students, no matter where they are or what they are doing: RNL Video Engagement.

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Combine personalized video with enrollment surveys

Create and send personalized videos via text and or email in minutes
RNL Video Engagement is powered by ThankView, the most user-friendly self-service platform for sending personalized video messages. Send personalized video messages with branded invitations—whether you are working on campus or remotely. It’s the fastest, most engaging way to keep in touch with students and their families.

Qualify intent to enroll with institutionally branded surveys
Are students planning on attending? What are their most important factors for enrolling? Our survey collects attitudinal data that reveals their intentions. The surveys are fully branded to your institution and embedded as part of the video message, improving response rates.

RNL Video Engagement for College Student Enrollment

snapshot of the stats campuses receive from RNL's video engagement for college student enrollment platform

Receive detailed analytics and expert consulting

Analyze results with real-time video data and daily survey reports
See real-time data on open rates, percentage of video watched, student location, and more. Receive daily updates on survey responses so you can qualify student interest, prioritize follow-up, and keep your enrollment moving forward.

Optimize your outreach with remote consulting
Your RNL consultant will work with you via remote consultation to analyze your survey results and adjust your outreach strategies for maximum impact on enrollment.

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Engage target populations during the disruption

Disruption in the market has brought both challenges and opportunities to the enrollment marketing “new normal” environment, including:

  • Inability to leverage predictive modeling
  • Interruptions to student testing which impacts name availability
  • Campus visit uncertainty
  • Institutions freely recruiting students that were previously on your applicant and admitted student pools
  • Economic uncertainty that brings with it financial aid concerns that may keep students at home or at community college for at least one more year.

Personally communicating with these students and learning their needs, interests, and intentions to enroll is key to being able to recruit them to your campus.

Transfer students
Break through the noise with personable outreach to transfer students via video, increasing your conversion and yield rates while building a seamless transfer recruitment experience.

Inquiry management
Leverage personalized video to qualify student interest and collect critical attitudinal data via branded short student surveys embedded in your messages.

Admitted students
Increase student yield with personalized video messages that allow you to gauge students intentions to enroll and drive them to making enrollment commitment.

Recruit your current students back to campus via personalized video engagement. Qualify their interest and collect critical attitudinal data via short student surveys embedded in video messages to convince them to re-enroll at your institution.

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