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Boost yield and reduce melt by connecting
current and incoming students

Students who are engaged with their peers are more committed to attending and staying in college. As a matter of fact, 82 percent of students want to know their peers better, and peer influence is the most powerful influencer for Gen Z.

RNL Melt Prevention boosts yield and student retention by connecting incoming students with their college peer community, reinforcing their commitment and connection to your institution. In fact, deposited students are three times more likely to enroll.

  • CONNECT incoming students early to reduce melt and improve yield.
  • HARNESS peer influence to help students overcome perceived barriers to enroll.
  • INCREASE students’ sense of belonging, commitment, and connection to your institution.

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RNL Melt Prevention

University of MaineRNL Melt Prevention in action:
University of Maine

Higher enrollment from increased engagement and lower melt


in melt/”no shows”

in year 1 to year 2 retention

tuition lift (30x ROI)

of the app

per student

20+ USES
per student

5 ways RNL Melt Prevention boosts yield and reduces melt


RNL Melt Prevention: Builds familiarityBuilds familiarity and comfort to engage
RNL Melt Prevention intelligently recommends and prompts matches based on shared interests, major, life experiences, and more.

Increases connections through relevant searches
Students can search by “Who’s Like Me” to find peers in their hometown, incoming class, interests, major, more. Students are able to search across everyone or within specific groups.


Engage all types of students
Students voluntarily create their profile which fosters healthy peer discovery in a safe environment outside of social media.

RNL Melt Prevention: Builds communityBuilds community
Each student has full control in making peer connections, which fosters comfort and familiarity by allowing for personalization and expression. Permission-based connection invite is delivered to peers.

RNL Melt Prevention: Connect to reduce meltMakes it easy for students to connect with in-app messaging
1:1 and group-based messaging serve as catalysts for interaction beyond the app.

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