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Discover the Flexible, Scalable, Personalized Alternative for Online Enrollment Management

Online enrollment and learning has become vital for colleges and universities. Yet many campuses lack a solution for online enrollment management that’s flexible, comprehensive, and provides a strong return on investment.

RNL Online Enrollment Solutions provides the option that so many colleges and programs need. It’s the most comprehensive solution for optimizing your online program offerings, modernizing your marketing, and maximizing your online enrollment potential.

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RNL Online Enablement

Major Enrollment Opportunities for Online Learners


students take classes exclusively online


of graduate students are exclusively online


of undergraduate students are exclusively online

1 in 3

students are enrolled in at least 1 online course

3 Ways to Maximize Online Enrollment

Graduate Student and Online Learner Enrollment Management

Understand Your Audience

As the world of your students changes—COVID-19 concerns, technology advancements, occupational shifts, education delivery modality—higher education leaders must adapt to serve the growing population of online learners.

Graduate Student and Online Learner Enrollment Management

Plan for Success

Successful institutions rely on strategic enrollment plans to guide key decisions that impact sustainability—introducing new programs, sun-setting those no longer in high demand, building lead pipeline, and driving conversions for applications and admitted students.

Graduate Student and Online Learner Enrollment Management

Engage More Prospects

Students expect their engagements with institutions to be customized and available on their schedule. Online learners are operating more like consumers, seeking instant information, a personalized experience, and genuine interactions with campus representatives.

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RNL’s Comprehensive Solutions

Our robust Online Enrollment and Marketing Solutions provide a full funnel, omnichannel approach that listens to the individual and enables responding at scale.

Graduate Student and Online Learner Enrollment Management

Market Research

Assess and understand your market to make data-driven decisions that optimize program development and marketing strategies for enrollment growth.

Analytics and Consulting

Though expert guidance and our data-informed process, our consultants dive deep to understand your goals, while assessing and strategizing around market demand, program readiness, and much more.

Digital Lead Generation

Generating qualified leads through digital marketing strategies will allow you to reach and engage prospective students where they spend their time and when they seek information.

Lead Conversion

Create continuous engagement throughout the recruitment funnel to generate leads from the right students, drive applications, and increase yield.

Graduate Learner and Online Enrollment Management engagement

Graduate Student and Online Learner Enrollment Management web and reporting

Academic Courses

RNL’s clients can ramp up their ability to provide online curriculum thanks to our online enablement solution.

Online Learner Retention

Through digital engagement, assessments, and strategic insights, we can reduce online student attrition and help more online learners complete their educational goals.

Columbia Collge Online“The online school we’re developing is so new. I’m working with RNL+Converge on being innovative in the digital space through SEO, social media and content strategies. We’re trying to attract students with a very targeted approach.”

—Robert Green, Vice Provost for Digital Learning, Columbia College Chicago Online

Clemson University“We attribute the success of this program to a number of things, including the great work RNL+Converge is doing. We know that many applicants are a director partial result of advertising. We have found a strong niche that is resonating with our audience, we are ranked at the top and are very competitively priced.”

—Jeff Marshall, Department Chair, College of Education, Clemson University

Santa Clara University“The reason why our relationship with RNL+Coverge flourishes is because they are such good listeners. They are so receptive to change. They’re willing to look at things differently. They understand how to translate data into results and translate data into changes. Taking what they know, what I know and merging the two… We’ve had great success.”

Theresa Strickland, Chief Marketing Officer Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University

Northwestern University“RNL+Converge put tireless hours and effort in to get our digital campaigns launched and off on the right foot. They’re fantastic partners.”

—Kathleen Pratt, Marketing Strategist,
McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science, Northwestern University

Emory University“We have a complex portfolio of programs, recruiting needs locally as well as across the country and a lean team to accomplish our goals. Our digital choice needed to be someone we could truly partner with and trust as an extension of our team. RNL+Converge emerged as the clear winner, showing the perfect balance of expertise and execution to complement our skills and maximize our budgets.”

—Angela Bostick, Chief Growth Officer, Goizueta Business School, Emory University