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See how you can make your enrollment efforts
more effective and efficient

Request your on-campus analysis

Which strategies will help you best reach your enrollment goals? What can you do to strengthen student recruitment and retention? How can you organize your enrollment management processes, systems, and resources more efficiently?

Ask for an on-campus enrollment management analysis from Ruffalo Noel Levitz. This fully customized review provides you with the opportunity to:

  • Uncover hidden enrollment opportunities for growing and/or shaping your student body
  • Create a road map of possible improvements to existing services, practices and plans
  • See how to leverage fiscal, human, and technological resources to have a greater impact on recruitment and retention
  • Formulate strategies for developing campuswide support for improvements to your enrollment management operations
  • Review the latest enrollment practices and how they may be applicable to your campus
  • Assess your available resources to see which ones could have the greatest impact on enrollment

Email to request your enrollment management analysis, or call us toll-free at 800.876.1117.

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Strategy Roadmap Solutions

RNL Comprehensive Consulting for Student Recruitment, Retention, and Financial Aid
Make your enrollment efforts more effective and efficient—from awareness to financial aid awarding to graduation.

RNL Strategic Enrollment Planning
Ensure long-term enrollment success and fiscal health by aligning your institution’s fiscal, academic, co-curricular, and enrollment resources with its changing environment.

RNL Web Strategy and Interactive Marketing Services
Drive online engagement and build connections that produce great enrollment results.

RNL Market Research
Guide your enrollment decisions with solid research and data on academic demand, price sensitivity and cost, and other key areas.