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Create student engagement opportunities anytime, anywhere

RNL Online Engagement creates continuous student engagement opportunities across multiple channels with prospective students, increasing engagement and moving them through the funnel more effectively.

  • DELIVER online interactions through livestreaming, webcasting, and live chat.
  • CONNECT with students continuously across nearly any channel: social media, texting, digital advertising, AI chat, email, and phone.
  • MAXIMIZE conversion and yield at every stage of the funnel.

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RNL Online Engagement screens


RNL Online Engagement

Better conversion at each stage of the funnel

inquiry-to-app conversion

application completion rate

inquiry-to-deposit rate

6 ways RNL Online Engagement increases student engagement


RNL Online Engagement: Video StreamingVIDEO STREAMING
Share your story on your branded platform and across social media, live, on every device.

RNL Online Engagement: ChatCHAT
Schedule live chats, provide immediate response, and cultivate new inquiries.

RNL Online Engagement: Global SMSGLOBAL SMS
Remind and engage students in 190+ countries.


RNL Online Engagement: Email AutomationEMAIL AUTOMATION
Build compelling campaigns with no experience required.

RNL Online Engagement: Marketing SupportMARKETING SUPPORT
Receive the support you need from our experienced team to maximize outcomes.

RNL Online Engagement: Analytics and ReportingANALYTICS AND REPORTING
Get detailed metrics and insightful reporting to help you optimize your strategies.

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University of Missouri-Kansas City

“We were ready to engage students as quickly as possible, but the level of engagement we have since our first chat experience through our website was unexpected. We aren’t just communicating with students through webcasting and chat … We are building relationships with them.”

Alice Arredondo, Director of Admissions, University of Missouri-Kansas City

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