University of Dallas (Texas)

The University of Dallas turned to Noel-Levitz for student recruitment consulting, predictive modeling, and strategic financial aid management

A small, private institution drawing 56 percent of its students from out of state, the University of Dallas had enough applicants to meet its enrollment goals, but the university needed new strategies for the distribution of financial aid in order to actually enroll those students and stay competitive in its market. Additionally, the campus sought new methods to find and recruit students to fill its funnel with students who had the specific characteristics the university desired.

The university worked with Ruffalo Noel Levitz on predictive modeling to better target the profile of the ideal University of Dallas student. This not only increased the quality of the inquiry and applicant pools, it also predicted which students would enroll, adding greater efficiency to the recruitment process. The campus also used research and financial aid management to utilize new strategies for better allocation of available financial aid, helping to get more of the desired mix of students to enroll at the university.


  • After just one year, enrollment grew by 17.5 percent
  • Maintained an average SAT score above 1210 during enrollment growth
  • As intended, predictive modeling helped the campus attract, target, and enroll the types of students who are a good fit for the institution
  • During the same year, yield rate increased by 7 percent, growing from 33 to 40 percent
  • More than doubled the amount of its National Merit finalists to 24, up from eight the year before, while also retaining its prestigious ranking among small, private, Catholic institutions


"We have really appreciated [Ruffalo Noel Levitz]'s personalized approach to consulting. They provide great data feedback and benchmarking that allow us time and again to make the best decisions for our goals."

John Plotts
Vice President of Enrollment

Case study used with the permission of University of Dallas.

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