Creighton University (Nebraska)

Creighton University (Nebraska)


Build a strong inquiry pool with well-qualified potential applicants leading to the ultimate goal of increasing the applicant pool to maintain stable enrollment. Better target communication to reduce the cost of mailing and more effectively use staff time.


Creighton University partnered with Ruffalo Noel Levitz to use predictive modeling to target students likely to enroll and build strong inquiry and applicant pools.


In one year, Creighton enrolled its second largest class ever, exceeding its goal for the following year. That class consisted of a median ACT 26, median SAT 1200, and a median weighted GPA 3.8. Thirty-nine percent ranked in the top ten percent of their high school class. The university is using the inquiry model scores to segment written communication, direct telecounseling, and assist with travel planning, thus reducing cost and maximizing staff effort and time.


“The precision that ForecastPlus provides in segmenting communication is irreplaceable. We are able to develop strategy based upon students’ likelihood of enrolling which saves both financial and human resources.

“ForecastPlus provides us an opportunity to step back and look at our data in a way we would not otherwise be able to. That helps us direct recruitment strategy and operate more effectively.”

Mary Chase
Assistant Vice President, Enrollment Management

Case study used with the permission of Creighton University.

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