Crandall University (New Brunswick)

Crandall University turned to Noel-Levitz to coordinate a systematic and data-driven approach to long-range enrollment planning.

Crandall University experienced a 5.7 percent increase in new students and a 15 percent increase in retention

Having loosely introduced the concept of strategic enrolment* planning, Crandall University already had in mind that significant change was needed in order to improve recruitment and retention, but was unsure of how to proceed. Crandall turned to Ruffalo Noel Levitz to coordinate a systematic and data-driven approach to long-range enrolment planning.

The project began with writing a recruitment plan that defined specific strategies, tactics and goals with more than 200 pages of actionable plans. The university overhauled its recruitment operations, changing the way counselors viewed admissions. With newly established individual expectations and goals, counselors grabbed at the concept of territory management, breaking down their territories further into subsets. A new Welcome Center was created and a new visit structure fostered more opportunities for relationship-building with prospective families. Student Ambassadors were engaged in the process as they willingly came forward to share their experience as a Crandall student with potential students through school visits, open houses and on campus tours. The university became more transparent, sharing enrolment numbers as they came in, creating a sense of shared responsibility and ownership on campus.

On the retention side, Crandall moved registration for returning students from late spring to the middle of the winter semester, providing a large boost in first-to-second-year retention. In addition, a task force of faculty and staff was mobilized to significantly revitalize academic advising. Around campus, faculty, staff, and students feel more valued and informed and, together, they are now setting more strategic goals for longer-term recruitment and retention success.


  • Increased fall-to-fall retention 15 percent, a new campus record.
  • Experienced 5.7 percent growth in new students.
  • For the first time, Crandall has a comprehensive written recruitment plan with both strategic and tactical components and is developing a comprehensive retention plan.
  • Prior to the project, the university had only rough goal numbers for enrolment. Goal setting is now data-informed.


"As we move through this enrolment management project, it has become apparent that the [Ruffalo Noel Levitz] team is here to do more than 'fix stuff.' They want us to become more focused, to change our culture... for us to embrace excellence.

"The strategic planning process has caused some significant administrative and philosophical changes on campus. However, the biggest thing we see is something that we can't measure. It is the sense of pride and the expectations that faculty, staff, and students are feeling across the board.

"[Ruffalo Noel Levitz] caused us to ask the right questions and think about student populations differently. Our [Ruffalo Noel Levitz] consultants are great colleagues who challenge us in wonderful ways. They exceed our expectations every time, and as a small institution, this is an exceptional return on investment."

Sheldon MacLeod
Assistant Vice President (Enrolment Services) & Registrar

*Please note that when discussing results for Canadian institutions, we use the Canadian spelling for "enrolment". Case study used with the permission of Crandall University.

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