St. Louis University School of Business (Missouri)

St. Louis University School of Business (Missouri)


Bolster enrollment in the evening MBA program and conduct research to measure the current image of the School of Business, discover and prioritize its strengths, and aid the school in shaping its perception among key internal and external constituencies.


Requested custom research to drive the development of new marketing and recruitment plans for the MBA part-time and full-time programs, along with consulting assistance to strategically apply the findings. The research included: an inquiry pool survey to determine perceptions of the school by prospective students; a satisfaction survey of current students to determine strengths of the programs and priority areas for improvement; an employer survey to determine perceptions of the school by current and potential employers; a competitor study to identify and compare the positioning of the school and its communications practices to those of competitors; and focus group interviews to gather qualitative data to support the research goals.


The research identified key issues for administrators, including the fact that the quality of the program is well-regarded but needed better positioning in the market. Marketing materials were updated to be more effective, including the Web site, recruitment materials, and advertisements. A revised part-time curriculum was rolled out, and the full-time program was re-engineered into a one-year, three semester program to address the needs validated by the research. The results have assisted the school in becoming more strategic, leading to a 50 percent increase in enrollment in the part-time program and the recent inclusion of the part-time program in the top 25 MBA programs in the country according to U.S. News and World Report.

Case study used with the permission of St. Louis University School of Business.

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