Booth University College (Manitoba)

William and Catherine Booth College (Manitoba)


Identify new liberal arts and science programs to launch at the college as part of a larger effort to transform Booth College into a university college.


Enlisted the help of Ruffalo Noel Levitz research consultants to conduct market research to determine the demand for new academic programs among Booth College's prospective students. The research blended primary and secondary data to determine which programs have the best growth potential in Booth's market.


The college developed a five-year plan for total redevelopment of its academic programs and curricula based on the findings of the market research.

As part of the plan, Booth College is moving forward with four new programs in fall 2009. Additionally, the college has a prioritized list of new programs it will launch over the next five years.


"As we were looking to develop new programs, we didn't want to shoot in the dark; we wanted to have good data.

"Our consultant presented the data in context. When the project was completed, we had a clear institutional consensus about our programmatic direction. Having that consensus—that was the best outcome."

Dr. Donald Burke

Case study used with the permission of William and Catherine Booth College.

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