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Strengthen your campus or nonprofit through consulting and market research

How can your organization best fulfill its mission? That’s the question that Ruffalo Noel Levitz can help you answer.

Through our data-informed approach, we can help you analyze your market, reach your target audience, and achieve ongoing success, whether you are enrolling college students or increasing donor giving to your organization.

Strategic enrollment planning

Creating a sound, realistic strategic enrollment plan is crucial to long-term campus success. Our data-informed planning process helps you develop a solid plan and the metrics needed to evaluate your progress toward your goals.

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Market research

Guide your decisions with solid research and data. Study everything from the competitiveness of your campus, the attitudes of your students, and the success of your alumni in the workplace.

See the full range of market research at your disposal.

Recruiting and retaining nontraditional student populations

As more and more nontraditional students enroll, they come to campus with different expectations, challenges, and needs than traditional students. We can help you better recruit and retain:

Campus planning and staff development

Increase campus teamwork, increase your knowledge of enrollment management, and meet accreditation requirements with our services: