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Recent posts on fundraising, philanthropy, and donor engagement

  • Podcast: Crowdfunding Best Practices 2017

    We’ve just released the 2017 RNL Crowdfunding Index, a study of 4,200 campaigns conducted through the RNL Crowdfunding platform (powered by ScaleFunder), raising more than $22.5 million. In the report we cover:

    Average project totals, and the impact of major gifts, challenges, and early adopters.
    How fundraisers are naming their campaigns.
    The impact of ambassadors.
    Average project lengths from [...]

    Written by Brian Gawor.

  • How should you name your charitable crowdfunding campaign?

    We recently released the 2017 RNL Crowdfunding Index, where we looked at over $22.5M in crowdfunding gifts through the ScaleFunder platform. This powerful new fundraising technology has let higher education fundraisers and other charities harness optimized online giving, peer-to-peer communication, and engaging technologies like videos and live updates to bring new and loyal donors in [...]

    Written by Brian Gawor.

Recent posts on recruitment, marketing, and student retention

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