Four Reasons to Attend the RNL Donor Engagement Virtual Event

Brian Gawor

Vice President of Research

July 29, 2020

We’re gearing up for the RNL Advancement Innovation Summit, a donor engagement virtual event that will take place September 17-18. We organized the event with the theme of “challenging the norm” in how campuses engage alumni and donors in an era of remote working, digital marketing, and mobile communication.

Because we know that resources are tight for colleges and universities this year, we have made the event free—which is also made possible by our generous sponsors. But the strategies, insights, and innovations we’ll share will help you tackle the challenges we face in a very uncertain and shifting fundraising environment.

Here are four reasons I am excited about this event.

Our keynote speaker Vu Le is nonprofit AF.

Vu Le is the author of the NonProfit AF blog and one of the founders of Community Centric Fundraising. He’s direct, funny, and challenges the norm in donor engagement. He’s likely to cover things we’ve all been thinking but were afraid to say. Check out a sample of his style:


Register today so you have your chance to hear Vu at the Summit.

We’re not going to waste your time.

We are committed to making your participation at the Summit well worth your time. That’s why every session will be an action-oriented case study of how someone challenged the norm in donor engagement, a data-driven download of best practices in a key new donor engagement area, or an opportunity to directly interact with peers and share insights.

One of the things that’s always hard for me at conferences is the time between “the good stuff.” We don’t want you to have to wait, so we’ve tightly packed the schedule with real, actionable content to supercharge your FY21 planning and innovation.

You’ll network with people doing the work.

The Summit will feature fishbowl sessions where you can interact with peers who actively facing the same challenges. This no-nonsense open environment to ask questions, share resources and come up with a plan will have immediate benefits for your donor engagement.

This event is about taking action.

Show and tell is great, but there’s nothing I hate more than attending a conference and going, “Well that’s nice, but how do I do it?” We’ve built the entire event around showing new, next, and best fundraising practices and sharing how they actually get implemented in the real world. You’ll leave the event with good ideas and next steps to do new things on a tight budget—which is absolutely crucial because those lofty fundraising goals are not decreasing, even though many of fundraisers are losing staff and budget this year.

Register now to join us and hundreds of fundraising professionals

I’m excited about the Summit and I hope to see you there. Register today and join us for this data-driven and action-oriented event.

RNL 2020 Advancement Innovation Summit

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