Five Ways to Transform Your Donor Engagement

Brian GaworVice President of ResearchJune 3, 2021
LinkedIn Live: Five Ways to Transform Your Donor Engagement

This week, we hosted a LinkedIn Live lightning round with RNL experts answering the question: What’s something you can do right now to transform donor engagement? There are so many innovative technologies and strategies today that are more cost-effective and easier to implement than ever.

You can watch the video, and catch us every Tuesday at 3pm ET just by following RNL in LinkedIn.

Here are the five ways we outlined to take your donor engagement to the next level:

1. Make giving easy

Use custom giving pages that create a natural flow for giving, and let people give using the payment technologies we use every day, like PayPal, Venmo and Apple Pay. We call this the digital wallet, and it’s easy to implement and might actually save you money on processing fees.

2. Stay connected to student engagement ambassadors, remotely

A lot of engagement centers were disrupted by the pandemic, so we implemented new features like live chat with your student ambassadors. My colleague Sean Shaikun dives into the benefits in this blog.

3. Maximize volunteer success with integrated technology

+32% increase in giving for campaigns with 6+ ambassadors

The other important ambassadors are all those volunteers who agree to help with giving days, crowdfunding, and other events. Integrated tools that let you communicate with these ambassadors are crucial. You can even now set up live stats tracking, competitions, and let your volunteers really have fun with their outreach.

4. Harness personalized video to connect with supporters

There is a 4x increase in giving rate for those who receive a personalized video

Messages with video can have up to a 3x open rate than flat emails, and you can send personalized video through ThankView, all integrated into the RNL Engage platform. Whether it’s group messages to supporters or a personalized follow up for a conversation, this integrated tool really makes a difference.

5. Embrace AI for personalization at scale

No, fundraisers aren’t being replaced by robots, but you can do a whole lot of personalization, shifting what you send to each supporter based on their demonstrated interests. And it’s now easier than ever.

Let’s talk tech, innovations, and strategies

That’s a whole lot of tech to consider, and if you want to talk about how it all works together, drop us a line. RNL’s team of experts is innovating daily, and we’d love to talk about your key goals and the best technology to help you reach them.

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