The Formula for Creating Student and Parent Engagement

Alejandra Sosa PieroniVice President, Enrollment ManagementApril 15, 2021

The expectations today’s students and parents have about the college recruitment experience have been shaped by the experiences they have with companies like Amazon, YouTube, and Netflix. These companies not only make it very easy for us to interact with them but also connect and engage with us by hyper-personalizing every interaction. They have the ability to customize their content based on our behavior and actions and provide a seamless experience.

As you plan for the recruitment years ahead and how you will evolve your marketing strategies, it is critical you consider expanding beyond the traditional, linear, one-way communication and transactions that have been the cornerstone of our industry, to a non- linear, organic approach that focuses on creating meaningful interactions with students and their parents anywhere, anytime, and however they chose to engage with you.

Creating these type of experiences is not easy and can be costly to scale, but at RNL we have mastered the formula to student engagement. In this video, I discuss the need for applying this formula to take on the challenges of our current college recruitment environment, and I share the key variables that make up the student engagement formula.

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My colleague Robert Heil also talks about The Engagement Formula and how it is the foundation for RNL Student Search and Engagement. This new solution from RNL makes parent engagement a key part of your enrollment outreach. And if you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

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