How to increase retention and completion with a proven early-alert “trouble spotter” [Infographic]

Mari NormyleOctober 12, 2017

When new students enter your institution, what if you quickly flagged their support needs using a 20-minute online assessment that captured key noncognitive indicators for retention and completion? What could you do differently? See highlights from RNL’s 2017 National Freshman Motivation to Complete College Report:

Increase retention and completion: National data for new freshmen

More than 400 colleges and universities use the 100-item RNL College Student Inventory to drive their early identification and early intervention strategies so they can increase retention and completion. This proven, early-alert assessment quickly spots trouble—and identifies each student’s strengths—much earlier than most programs that are designed to flag at-risk students and sound off early alerts.

Example—how it works—a first-year named Sarah (not her real name)

With a 3.4 GPA in high school, first-year student Sarah didn’t appear to be at risk, but even before her classes began, Sarah’s advisor and student services team were alerted to a number of her motivational risks immediately following orientation when Sarah completed the RNL College Student Inventory, part of RNL Student Success.

Sarah’s top 3 requests (of 25 possible)
I would like to talk with a counselor about my general attitude toward school.
I would like some training to improve my reading skills.
I would like some help selecting an educational plan that will prepare me to get a good job.

In response, Sarah’s institution took appropriate steps to intervene to keep her on track to graduation.

Learn how to better serve each individual adult learner, traditional-age learner, and other groups

Using 20-minute assessments, your advisors and student services teams will be equipped to:

  • Move beyond mid-term appraisals and exit interviews.
  • Understand how to provide better, more individualized service from day one that connects with each incoming learner.
  • Learn what motivates each individual student and which services they are most receptive to.

Download a sample survey today

See a sample of the College Student Inventory (CSI) and learn how to improve your students’ success, increase retention, and raise graduation rates by utilizing the CSI.

Questions? Request a personal consultation to discuss your early-alert and intervention strategy with an expert from Ruffalo Noel Levitz.


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