Building an Action Plan for Enrollment Success at the Strategic Enrollment Planning Forum

Lew SanborneSenior Vice PresidentMarch 16, 2023
Blog: Building a Strategic Enrollment Plan

What if you could spend two days laying the groundwork for the long-term success of your institution? Two days not just discussing strategies with other higher ed leaders but creating a framework for success that you can take back to your institution? Would you say that was time well spent?

Every year for more than 15 years, campus presidents, chief enrollment officers, and other senior leaders have taken two days to attend the RNL Strategic Enrollment Planning Executive Forum. This is a gathering of enrollment leaders to not only explore strategic enrollment planning but also build the foundation of a strategic enrollment plan. It’s a hands-on event created by enrollment leaders, for enrollment leaders. More importantly, here’s how spending two days with us on April 19-20 this year will pay big dividends for you and your team.

Building a foundation for strategic enrollment planning in two days

Strategic enrollment planning is a data-informed process that aligns your institution’s fiscal, academic, co-curricular, and enrollment resources with its changing environment to accomplish your institution’s mission and ensure its long-term enrollment success and fiscal health.

Because this is a serious and significant undertaking, it’s important to generate momentum early and get a strong start on setting the scope, objectives, responsibilities, and measures of success. That’s why the Strategic Enrollment Planning Forum centers around creating a framework of a plan that you can take back to your institution. You will work on a foundational strategic enrollment strategy that includes:

  • Identifying key performance indicators.
  • Articulating your overarching strategy.
  • Working on an implementation schedule with action steps, owners, and dates.
  • Calculating enrollment impact.
  • Working through budget detail and revenue expenses.

Writing the book on strategic enrollment planning again

Strategic Enrollment Planning Third Edition
Coming in April 2023

SEP is complex enough that you could fill a book with what it entails…which we did when we published the first edition of Strategic Enrollment Planning: A Dynamic Collaboration in 2012. A second edition followed in 2016, but as you know, higher ed has undergone massive changes in the last eight years. So I have been working with a dozen campus and RNL experts to create a new third edition of the book, and all Forum attendees will receive a free copy.

The new edition dives into adult, graduate, and online enrollment; the latest demographic, economic, and technological changes impacting campuses; and other areas that have changed significantly in the last decade and especially in the post-pandemic world.

Sharing high level, candid insights with other enrollment leaders and generating momentum with your team

Discussion and interaction are also a major part of the event. As you can see from the agenda, we will cover a variety of key topics about the higher education environment, examine major parts of the SEP process, and conduct working sessions. This is an ideal opportunity for you and your team to not only interact with SEP experts and enrollment leaders from other campuses, but also spur conversations with each other that can build momentum for change.

A history of enrollment and revenue success

This event has catapulted many, many campuses to long-term, sustained enrollment success. Because they leave with the beginnings of a working plan, they return home with momentum and direction for moving forward with a strategic enrollment plan. Institutions have:

  • Achieved record-breaking enrollments.
  • Boosted student outcomes.
  • Generated millions of dollars in additional revenue.
  • Supported crucial goals such as increased student diversity and greater operational efficiency.

Take a big step toward your enrollment future and attend the Strategic Enrollment Planning Executive Forum

See the agenda and register for the Forum today, and bring your leadership team to help spur discussion, action, and results. I think you will be hard pressed to find an event that equips you with more actionable steps to propel your institution forward.

Learn more and register.

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