3 stories of college marketing and recruitment success

Ruffalo Noel LevitzNovember 29, 2017

A strong college marketing and recruitment plan is critical to an institution’s long-term success. Each year, Ruffalo Noel Levitz awards top honors to three campuses at our National Conference on Student Recruitment, Marketing, and Retention for their innovative strategies.

And this year, we also honored one of our own by renaming the award as the Peter S. Bryant Marketing and Recruitment Excellence Award. Peter Bryant is one of the nation’s most respected enrollment managers. During his career at RNL, he has connected with more than 750 institutions to diagnose enrollment opportunities, making a lasting impact on campus and at RNL.

Three award-winning programs for college marketing and recruitment success

This year’s winners received the award at the 2017 National Conference on Student Recruitment, Marketing, and Retention, convened by Ruffalo Noel Levitz in Denver, Colorado.

  • Goshen College (Indiana): Declining enrollment and staff turnover had left Goshen in disarray. The college turned to RNL to build a comprehensive strategy that addressed challenges such as student recruitment and search. Most notably, the initiatives helped Goshen achieve a 56 percent increase in admitted first-year students and a 34 percent increase in enrolled first-year students from 2014-17. This year, Goshen enrolled their largest incoming class in eight years, and they continue on the path to success. Read the case study.
  • Hawkeye Community College (Iowa): Hawkeye partnered with RNL for strategic enrollment planning to combat enrollment challenges sparked by demographic changes and new state guidelines. Launching an intercollegiate athletics program and implementing other long-range projects helped the college stop an enrollment decline and grow student headcount by 5 percent in two years. Read the case study.
  • Southern Utah University: Southern Utah University reversed turbulent enrollment trends, partnering with RNL for enrollment solutions and embracing new ideas. By sourcing ideas from across campus, the university funded 14 new initiatives that led to a 40 percent increase in total freshman applications and a 51 percent increase in new freshman enrollment over two years. Read the case study.

These campus successes highlight how institutions are proactively adjusting to change and creating holistic solutions that focus on enrollment and student experience.

Read the full success stories and ask for a guided tour of our enrollment solutions

See the case studies for Goshen College, Southern Utah University, and Hawkeye Community College for details on how they achieved their goals. And if you want to see how you can achieve enrollment success now and in the long term, ask for a guided tour of RNL Complete Enrollment. Our strategists can talk with you about your goals, challenges, and strategies.

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