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Super 20 program for high school students

A High School Leadership Program for
Underrepresented High School Sophomores


The inaugural class of SUPER 20 has been announced!

Our inaugural SUPER 20 class has been selected (read our press release)! We are proud of the students who are our first class, and we greatly appreciate all of the terrific students who applied along with the counselors and parents who encouraged them.

SUPER 20 applications will open again in fall of 2021. Please contact us with questions or would like to be notified when 2021 applications open.

SUPER 20 Sponsorship Opportunities

Help these promising high school students grow into tomorrow’s leaders. Become a SUPER 20 sponsor for our forthcoming SUPER 20 class and their two-week leadership development course in summer 2021.

Download the sponsorship overview and contact us about becoming a sponsor.

What is SUPER 20?


SUPER 20 is a high school leadership program that helps underrepresented students find their purpose in their college and career paths. It provides the resources, support, and coaching to help motivated college-bound high school students reach their true potential.

SUPER 20 gives students:

  • A $5,000 scholarship to the U.S. college of their choice.
  • Coaching with a successful professionals who provides advice and feedback on SUPER 20 activities.
  • A two-week online leadership course in summer 2021.

The program will open again next fall for students from underrepresented groups such as:

  • Racial/ethnic minorities
  • First-generation students (first in family to go to college)
  • Students from underprivileged backgrounds
  • Students in underrepresented majors

SUPER 20 Summer 2021 Tentative Schedule

Our SUPER 20 recipients will participate in these leadership development activities. All times and locations are subject to change.

May 8
Virtual Welcome Meeting for Students and Parents

June 5
Online Orientation Meeting

June 12
Online Meet and Greet for Students, Coaches, and SUPER 20 Staff

June 21-July 2
Virtual Leadership Development Courses. Students will meet 8 am-noon Monday through Friday and have asynchronous activities to work on during the afternoon.

SUPER 20 is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit with the Iowa Secretary of State.

How students find their purpose through the 4 Pillars of the SUPER 20 program




This high school leadership program helps students develop their path to becoming great leaders. Through team projects, study of different leadership styles, and self-discovery activities, students discover their leadership style and fulfill their leadership potential.



Students take a deep dive into the definition of service along with the exploration of different service types, organizations, and structures. They’ll then put words into action through 30 hours of volunteering and experiential learning.

SUPER 20 Leadership and Service


SUPER 20 Diversity and Development


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

How do each of us view diversity, equity, and inclusion? How do organizations—businesses, nonprofits, campuses, and government agencies—address them? Students study these questions and create an inclusion statement that includes each SUPER 20 student’s point of view on the topic.


College Readiness

Each SUPER 20 participant will evaluate their current education and career goals, explore their strengths and interests, and match their career interests to specific college programs. They will also have the potential to map to an internship in a specific career field during the Junior year of the program.

What high school counselors say about SUPER 20


“SUPER 20 is the ideal program starting at the perfect age to help students discover who they are and their purpose in today’s world, all while rewarding them with ways to achieve those aspirations through mentorship and scholarship. I find much value in the SUPER 20 program precisely because of their emphasis on developing students’ purpose and giving underrepresented students opportunities they otherwise may not have.”

—Chris Wood, College & Career Counselor, CAPS Solutions Instructor, Cedar Falls High School (Iowa)

“This life changing opportunity will allow students just like those at my school—first-generation, low-income, underserved populations—to not only find their passions, abilities and strength, but to pursue these beyond high school. SUPER 20 will allow these students to rise above their current situation, find personal success and then change the world to help the generations to come. My biggest hope is that SUPER 20 will start a trend nationwide and more companies will create similar programs to help all of our nation’s students.”

—Melanie Hildebrandt, College Counselor, Counseling Department Lead, Johansen High School (California)

Colleges and universities, put your swag in our SUPER 20 Swag Box!

Contact us by May 21 for eligibility and details


We have announced our inaugural SUPER 20 class, rising high school sophomores who will receive a $5,000 scholarship and participate in our summer leadership program. As part of that program, each student will receive an RNL Swag Box with gifts they can use.

Now you have a chance to put your branded school merchandise in the SUPER 20 Swag Box and have your institution right in front of these motivated, high achieving high school students. The SUPER 20 students can use their scholarship on the school of their choice, so this is an opportunity to promote your school to them.

If you would like the chance to have your college items included in the SUPER 20 Swag Box, complete the contact form below before May 7 and we will contact you.

RNL Swag Box from 2020 National Conference
An example of the RNL Swag Box from the 2020 National Conference where we announced the SUPER 20 program. You can have your branded items included in the box that we will give to the SUPER 20 participants.

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