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Todd Abbott

Todd Abbott is a seasoned higher education professional with over 25 years of experience. He joined the enrollment management team at RNL in 2007, and now serves as one of the senior vice presidents for the company. In his current role, Todd works with college and university presidents, chancellors, and other senior leaders to help identify the greatest challenges and opportunities each unique campus faces. His focus is on enrollment growth and shaping of enrollment for undergraduates, graduates, adult, and online students.  He has great passion for the impact that marketing and recruitment strategies have on new enrollment and retention efforts for colleges and universities.

Todd brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role, having held progressive leadership positions within RNL, in addition to his time serving as a chief enrollment officer on campus.

Prior to joining RNL, Todd served at Saint Martin’s University in Lacey, Washington, where he was a member of the senior leadership team as the dean of admissions and financial aid. In that role, Todd oversaw the operations of the undergraduate admissions and financial aid programs, while also playing a significant role in overall university marketing and retention efforts. Todd was also actively involved in national, regional, and state professional organizations such as NACAC, PNACAC, NCCAA, and the College Board, and served on the executive board of both PNACAC and the National Catholic College Admissions Association (NCCAA).

Todd is known for his unparalleled enthusiasm for the field of higher education and his commitment to staying updated with the latest tools and strategies. He understands the crucial role that enrollment management plays in today’s higher education landscape and is passionate about leveraging RNL’s offerings to enhance the operations of senior leaders. Todd’s extensive experience, strategic mindset, and dedication to professional organizations make him a respected leader in the field of higher education.


Todd holds a bachelor’s degree from Saint Martin’s University.

Quotes from Todd

“The one constant in our rapidly changing higher education landscape is that success is rooted in data informed strategies. Technologies and priorities may shift but putting the prospective student and his/her family first when taking action will always provide a solid foundation for enrollment success. Whenever assessing new programs, initiatives, or technologies, I always ask, how is this going to meet the specific goals of the institution and provide the appropriate experience the student will have when engaging with the institution?”

“The art and science of student engagement come together in predictive analytics and personalization. Utilizing technology to learn more about your students, anticipate interest and build pathways for increased engagement allows you to share authentic, personalized stories that drive enrollment, retention, and completion.”

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