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Sylvia Vandever

Since joining RNL in 2008, Sylvia has supported numerous private and public institutions, primarily in the Pacific Northwest and West Coast regions, working closely with the RNL team to plan, organize and execute strategic fundraising plans. Sylvia has also helped institutions drive the shift to digital engagement, organizing over 50 text engagement campaigns over the last 3 years.

In her current role, Sylvia supports a diverse portfolio of RNL platform clients. She enjoys statistical analysis and program benchmarking; using industry trends and peer comparisons that help partners meet their fundraising goals.

Sylvia and her partner Will reside in Las Vegas with their three children, two dogs and 55 year old desert tortoise, Dandelion. She enjoys teaching and practicing yoga.

Previous Experience

Sylvia began her career in fundraising in 2001 while attending her alma mater, Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, IL. In 2004 Sylvia became Program Manager of the Charleston, IL RNL site where she managed four full-time Supervisors and 110 engagement ambassadors. During her time as the Program Manager, she was responsible for outreach strategies, analysis, and quality assurance for over 50 different non-profit organizations including, higher education, healthcare institutions, public broadcasting, diocesean and arts and cultural organizations.

Following her success in Illinois Sylvia moved to Las Vegas where she was tasked with overseeing and onboarding the University of Nevada, Las Vegas as an onsite program with RNL. She was a key player in implementing new strategies at UNLV through phone, multi-channel outreach and ScaleFunder. During her time at UNLV Sylvia increased fulfilled dollars by 53%.


Sylvia holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications and English from Eastern Illinois University

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Quotes from Sylvia:

“Donors give because it has impact: for the institution, for the cause, even for the student ambassador who asked. We should show that impact, and maximize the joy of giving.”

“It’s time be creative with donor engagement. We have the information and the tools to truly personalize donor engagement, both for the donor and to your institution. There are insights waiting to be found when we dive into the data. Let’s take the plunge together.”

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