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Peter L. Christian

Peter Christian offers wide ranging experience in fundraising and has helped support RNL clients around the globe. He’s currently part of RNL’s sales team and focuses primarily on RNL’s Digital Giving platforms.

Prior to joining the sales team, Peter spent nearly a decade working with RNL’s onsite phone programs. Peter worked as a student caller and supervisor during his time at the University of North Dakota where he earned his BBA in Business Management. Upon graduation, he accepted a full time position with RNL working as a program center manager for the onsite phone team. Peter started onsite operations at both Missouri State University and Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. In 2016, Peter began his role of director of operations and managed as many as 12 onsite phone programs and their managers, developed annual fund strategy with our on campus clients, and was directly responsible for the performance of the programs. In addition to managing these programs, Peter worked to improve internal workforce management techniques across the fundraising management division and received COPC High Performance Management certification in the spring of 2016.

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