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Miranda Hickman

Miranda Hickman

Miranda Hickman serves as the senior data scientist for the RNL Fundraising Consulting division. Miranda has served at RNL since 2015, helping to provide actionable intelligence to clients about their fundraising results. Miranda manages all core offerings of the fundraising consulting division, including RNL360 donor analysis, donor persona creation and integration of market research. Miranda is an expert statistician and predictive modeler, having digested data from all major advancement CRMS during her work with clients.

Miranda honed these skills prior to her time at RNL working in both the private and public sectors as a data science consultant. She’s worked in the healthcare sector, modeling to detect provider fraud, and in the B2C arena where she helped clients better understand their consumer behavior and develop data-based, customer-centric marketing strategies.

Miranda’s attention to detail and data-driven decision making make her a key asset to the RNL fundraising consulting team.


Miranda has a BS in Mathematics with a concentration in actuarial math from Penn State University. She holds a master’s degree in analytics from North Carolina State University.

Quotes from Miranda

“There is no reason to guess. You have the data.”

“Most shops can’t afford a dedicated analyst. That’s where we come in. You owe it to your donors to maximize your intelligence about how and why they are giving. We can help.”

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