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Jay Finney is an innovative leader with over 20 years of experience working with a wide variety of non-profit organizations on their development initiatives. These have included some of the largest organizations in the fields of higher education, healthcare, food banks, military nonprofits, PBS stations, zoos, museums and more.  He enjoys getting to know the people and organizations that he partners with and understanding their unique goals and challenges.  He is always striving to help partners realize their full fundraising potential.

Jay joined RNL in 2019.  In his position, Jay helps advancement leaders in the Southeast embrace new omnichannel fundraising solutions, allowing them to modernize their programs with technology and optimized design.  He works closely with his clients to ensure that they are positioned to meet not just their immediate goals but set-up for long-term success as well.

Previous Experience

Throughout his career, he has focused on providing technology platforms, online community, data services, mid-level giving solutions, and full channel acquisition programs. Most recently, Jay served as vice president of business development for TrueSense Marketing, where he helped clients more effectively communicate with current and potential donors. He led his team’s growth strategy into new verticals with well-known national nonprofits with a focus on acquisition and mid-level strategy.


Jay holds a BA in History from Denison University.

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Quotes from Jay

“You need to show your donors you care and appreciate who they are.  Most people give to multiple charities but are only truly passionate about one or two.  It takes constant work to make sure that you are one of those chosen and remain so.  An individual’s giving experience is a living thing.  From the time they think about making their first gift you have to nurture and encourage the relationship.  This means making every donor feel special and showing them that you appreciate their commitment.”

“People give because it makes them feel good.  It is our job to ensure that the good work that they are helping us all do is communicated back to them.  This is a symbiotic relationship.  A donor is trusting the organization to follow through on the tenets that they have laid out. Proving that the organization is doing this will encourage their continued involvement and growth with the organization.”

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